28 Apr

What do people need from sunglasses!?

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One of my co-workers came up to me today and told me about a customer who called her to ask about sunglasses. This is pretty interesting!Â

It is Monday and it is very busy. She gets a call from a customer who needs help choosing a pair of sunglasses for his vacation. So she is trying to find a great pair of sunglasses that are popular and will look good on him. Then he proceeds to ask her this insane question. He goes, “Would there be any sort of chance that I could see people having sex on the beach with any particular sunglass?” What is that all about? She didn’t even know that they made sunglasses for that! Is it like a high tech version of night vision but “cool style?” Funny, huh? I think so too. So after sitting on the phone with him for about 15 minutes, she was able to find him a pair of great sunglasses. NOT the kinds that he wanted, but the kind that she thought he would be able to enjoy and still feel good in. The glasses he ordered were Julbo Race sunglasses. Julbo sunglasses are very popular nowadays. You should check out the new Julbo sunglasses collection, plus we also have Julbo prescription sunglasses collection available already.


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  1. Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
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