19 Apr

How should logo look on sunglasses…

Posted by Kristina on

 I think many sunglasses brands should not put a huge logo on a pair of sunglasses. The logo is just too much especially for business people. If you like to look classy but at the same time modern and professional, I definitely recommend Serengeti sunglasses Serengeti Lamone sunglasses or Serengeti Vialone sunglasses are definitely some of the nicest pair on the market. I especially recommend them for men. They are sleek and fashionable. No need to worry about the size of face that you have either. They are wide yet narrow, comfortable yet fitting. You would never know what brand they are unless you come up to someone wearing them closely. The logo is small and very simple. It is what the sunglasses have to offer that is important and nothing compares to Serengeti lens technology.


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