12 Apr

How to get the best visual quality out of multifocal glasses..

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Many people are switching to all kinds of Bifocal Prescription lenses nowadays. I am sure all of you are wondering what is that Segment Height measurement that you need to provide when you placing your order online for the prescription eyewear. Let me explain it closely to keep you from wondering. Segment Height is the measurement that tells the lab where to stop the reading portion of your prescription and start the distance portion of it. It is best to get that measurement on the specific frames that you are planning on ordering because that measurement is really critical. If that transition line is higher or lower than needs to be it means that you will most likely have vision distortion and will not be able to use your new eyewear.

There are a few different ways for you to get the Segment Height. It is best if your doctor does the measuring, but you will need to provide him with the frames that you are ordering. You can try to find the frames locally. However, we have a great Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program where we will send the frames to you to keep you from all the hassle with trying to find the frames yourself. I strongly encourage all people who are planning on ordering No-line Bifocal or Lined Bifocal lenses to check out our trial program today.


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