07 Apr

Prescription Sunglasses & Eyeglasses – In store or On-line?

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Have you ever considered buying prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses on-line? You will probably say: “How could you buy a pair of prescription eyewear on-line!?!? I need to try the frames on first, and to be honest, I do not know how to interpret my prescription!” Believe or not, but more and more people nowadays go on-line when shopping for prescription eyewear.

No doubts, that if you already know the brand and model number of the eyewear that you are willing to buy – on-line is the best way. You already know that this frame fits you well. You just type in the part number into a search engine and check out who sells it! As a rule the pricing is much better on-line. Such professional on-line optical stores as OpticsPlanet.com and EyewearPlanet.com have experts on staff who can help you placing an order in case you need help understanding your prescription. Some stores even publish guides that help you to read glasses prescription.

What if you want to buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses and you are afraid that you pick a frame, order it with Rx lenses on-line and it won’t fit? Here is a trick. Most on-line stores offer an eyewear trial program. Choose a frame or two (either sunglasses or eyeglasses – does not matter) and the on-line retailer will ship them to you for a trial. You receive the frames, try them on and, make the decision. Even if the style of the eyewear you are looking for is not available through the special trial program, you can always order an identical pair of non-Rx sunglasses or eyeglasses frames with Demo non-Rx lenses (Demo are plastic lenses that the new frames come with. They are taken off when an optician installs Rx lenses).

People shop on-line in order to save time and money! In addition an on-line store offers you wider choice of products than any of your local optical shops does. Limited space on the shelves versus unlimited web space 😉


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