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30 Apr

I am not sure if all of you heard about this. The S logo in the Serengeti Prescription lab is broken for about 4 weeks now. All Serengeti prescription sunglasses that are being prepared now do no longer have the S logo on the lenses. Lab does not have the ETA on when the S logo machine will be fixed because it is a very expensive piece of machinery and takes a lot of time to be fixed.

I wanted to let all of you know that, even thought, the S logo is no longer on the lenses, the lenses are still authentic Serengeti lenses. Lenses are still being made with the same Serengeti lens technology. Except for the S logo, nothing has been changed about how the lenses are made. All Serengeti prescription lenses are still made from only the finest materials in the world. They are still Photochromic, and come with Spectral control. I want to assure you that all Serengeti prescription lenses are still the same lenses that we so much enjoy!!…
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28 Apr

One of my co-workers came up to me today and told me about a customer who called her to ask about sunglasses. This is pretty interesting!Â

It is Monday and it is very busy. She gets a call from a customer who needs help choosing a pair of sunglasses for his vacation. So she is trying to find a great pair of sunglasses that are popular and will look good on him. Then he proceeds to ask her this insane question. He goes, “Would there be any sort of chance that I could see people having sex on the beach with any particular sunglass?” What is that all about? She didn’t even know that they made sunglasses for that! Is it like a high tech version of night vision but “cool style?” Funny, huh? I think so too. So after sitting on the phone with him for about 15 minutes, she was able to find him a pair of great sunglasses. NOT the kinds that he wanted, but the kind that she thought he would be able to enjoy and still feel good in. The glasses he ordered were Julbo Race sunglasses. Julbo sunglasses are very popular nowadays. You …
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22 Apr

I love motorcycle riding and even though I am afraid to learn to ride myself I am a professional back seat rider. :) Motorcycle season is coming very soon and I think that all bikers need to start thinking on what sunglasses they will wear this summer. You know how it usually happens! You put a pair of regular sunglasses on thinking that it should protect and cover your eyes; however it really does not protect your eyes from anything. Motorcycle glasses need to cover your eyes from any wind or dust. I am sure that all of you will agree with me that it is very unpleasant to ride a bike and feel that you are crying and your tears are crawling around your face. It is very uncomfortable and dangerous. However, if you have the right pair of eyewear you will never have that happen.

Sunglasses like Wiley X or Bobster will not only protect your eyes from wind but also protect them from any rocks or flies flying into your eyes. Wiley X sunglasses and Bobster sunglasses come with polycarbonate lenses which will never break in pieces. Awesome, isn’t it? Both brands have a foam gasket on the …
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19 Apr

 I think many sunglasses brands should not put a huge logo on a pair of sunglasses. The logo is just too much especially for business people. If you like to look classy but at the same time modern and professional, I definitely recommend Serengeti sunglasses Serengeti Lamone sunglasses or Serengeti Vialone sunglasses are definitely some of the nicest pair on the market. I especially recommend them for men. They are sleek and fashionable. No need to worry about the size of face that you have either. They are wide yet narrow, comfortable yet fitting. You would never know what brand they are unless you come up to someone wearing them closely. The logo is small and very simple. It is what the sunglasses have to offer that is important and nothing compares to Serengeti lens technology.…
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12 Apr

Many people are switching to all kinds of Bifocal Prescription lenses nowadays. I am sure all of you are wondering what is that Segment Height measurement that you need to provide when you placing your order online for the prescription eyewear. Let me explain it closely to keep you from wondering. Segment Height is the measurement that tells the lab where to stop the reading portion of your prescription and start the distance portion of it. It is best to get that measurement on the specific frames that you are planning on ordering because that measurement is really critical. If that transition line is higher or lower than needs to be it means that you will most likely have vision distortion and will not be able to use your new eyewear.

There are a few different ways for you to get the Segment Height. It is best if your doctor does the measuring, but you will need to provide him with the frames that you are ordering. You can try to find the frames locally. However, we have a great Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program where we will send the frames to you to keep you from all the hassle …
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07 Apr

Have you ever considered buying prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses on-line? You will probably say: “How could you buy a pair of prescription eyewear on-line!?!? I need to try the frames on first, and to be honest, I do not know how to interpret my prescription!” Believe or not, but more and more people nowadays go on-line when shopping for prescription eyewear.

No doubts, that if you already know the brand and model number of the eyewear that you are willing to buy – on-line is the best way. You already know that this frame fits you well. You just type in the part number into a search engine and check out who sells it! As a rule the pricing is much better on-line. Such professional on-line optical stores as and have experts on staff who can help you placing an order in case you need help understanding your prescription. Some stores even publish guides that help you to read glasses prescription.

What if you want to buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses and you are afraid that you pick a frame, order it with Rx lenses on-line and it won’t fit? Here is a trick. Most …
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02 Apr

Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglassesWhat do you think of when someone mentions Florida to you? Hot weather, warm sandy beaches, entrainment, drinks, relaxation, swimming, ocean and of course partying. Do you ever think of sunglasses though? Well, before your vacation you are probably trying to imagine the trendiest and newest eyewear in Hollywood! Well, let me tell you how trendy these Ray Ban Clubmasters sunglasses are! Going to a club on Miami? Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are sure to be the hit! Hence the name Clubmasters, these classy Ray Ban sunglasses are hip, stylish and comfortable.

No matter how big or small your face is they fit perfectly. Bold yet classy, this is what it is all about and I can guarantee you will see these sunglasses on everyone’s face before you know it! They are the newest of the Ray Ban series and with its innovative Ray Ban Lens Technology; you will be protected 100% against the harm of UV rays.

On top of all that we can make Ray Ban prescription lenses for Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.…
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