27 Mar

Are you thinking on what glasses to buy this season? I have an answer – Vogue eyeglasses!!

Posted by Kristina on

I am so excited!!! I, finally, received my Vogue eyeglasses today. Lab did a wonderful job on the prescription lenses for me, but more importantly I love the new frames. I got the one of the new Vogue frames with the rhinestone.  I was showing it to everybody at work because I was so happy to get it, and, you will not believe it but 6 people placed an order that
same day for vogue eyeglasses. Two girls didn’t even need prescription lenses, but they loved the way the glasses looked so they ordered it with regular clear lenses. They also got the AR coating just to prevent all the light from reflecting in the lenses. So, I decided to tell you how popular Vogue eyeglasses and Vogue sunglasses will be this season. Rhinestones are very popular and I think that you absolutely have to check the Vogue eyewear collection on the website. You never know
maybe you will find a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that you will love just like I love mine!


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