13 Mar

Wiley X prescription lenses update!

Posted by Kristina on

Wiley X is one of the most popular military eyewear brands and a lot of people who need vision correction are looking for Wiley X prescription sunglasses and Wiley X prescription goggles.

Wiley X Rx glasses are not only strongly demanded by military, they are also pretty popular with sportsmen and bikers. In addition to single vision Rx lenses and bifocals, no-line progressive lenses used to be available for Wiley X frames. But some patients used to have problems adjusting to the progressive lenses. We still make Wiley X progressive prescription sunglasses. But it is more case by case basis now. It mainly depends on the prescription. Wiley X makes great products and I would strongly recommend everyone to take a look at their great prescription sunglasses collection. However, there is another brand that is very popular for military and law enforcement called ESS. ESS prescription sunglasses are available with both lined and no-line bifocal lenses. So if no-line bifocal lenses is a must for you take a look at ESS prescription eyewear.


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