Monthly Archives: March 2009

27 Mar

I am so excited!!! I, finally, received my Vogue eyeglasses today. Lab did a wonderful job on the prescription lenses for me, but more importantly I love the new frames. I got the one of the new Vogue frames with the rhinestone.  I was showing it to everybody at work because I was so happy to get it, and, you will not believe it but 6 people placed an order that
same day for vogue eyeglasses. Two girls didn’t even need prescription lenses, but they loved the way the glasses looked so they ordered it with regular clear lenses. They also got the AR coating just to prevent all the light from reflecting in the lenses. So, I decided to tell you how popular Vogue eyeglasses and Vogue sunglasses will be this season. Rhinestones are very popular and I think that you absolutely have to check the Vogue eyewear collection on the website. You never know
maybe you will find a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that you will love just like I love mine!…
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24 Mar

Ray Ban Kids Sunglasses RJ9042SBIt is getting warmer day by day and next thing we know it will be hot summer days. We need to know how to protect our children’s eyes from the Ultra Violet radiation. There are a few tips on how to best protect our little ones. Try to keep children out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Make sure they are wearing sunglasses with a hat which will protect them at all times. Many times our kids don’t want to wear sunglasses, but they always follow the example of their parents. So make sure you are wearing sunglasses as well. Not only that your children will follow the example, but it will also keep your eyes protected. We have a great collection of kids sunglasses for you to take a look at. You can even buy matching Ray Ban sunglasses with your children. For example Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and Ray Ban Kids Aviator sunglasses. All of our sunglasses come with a 100% UVA and UVB protection. …
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23 Mar

You have a great opportunity to buy some bold ski goggles at unbelievable price now. The skiing season is almost over in most states and all stores are selling out the ski gear they have left. Great deals are on. Next fall the prices will go back up!

OpticsPlanet has all snow goggles and prescription ski goggles on sale now with a fast and free shipping. Don’t miss your chance to grab a nice pair of ski goggles at a half price!…
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19 Mar

Great News!! It is official spring time and the weather is getting better day by day. Fishing season is about to become aggressive and its time to start gathering all the needed gear together. I think that people should know what the best way is to protect their eyes while on water is. It is strongly recommended to have polarized sunglasses when fishing. It takes the glare away from water and helps you see fish better. You can even see fish under water with polarized lenses. A couple of recommended styles are: Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer sunglasses, Serengeti Roggia sunglasses, Bolle Anaconda sunglasses, or Serengeti Vedi sunglasses. However, this does not conclude our polarized sunglasses collection. Keep in mind that we can make a pair of polarized prescription sunglasses if you wear glasses.…
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17 Mar

Julbo manufactures outstanding sports eyewear that is very popular both in the US and abroad. For example, Julbo Explorer sunglasses that converts into goggles are one of the extreme sports eyewear bestsellers. Since Julbo sunglasses are attracting more and more customers worldwide, we decided to introduce Julbo prescription sunglasses. Now you can fit your favorite Julbo frames with Rx lenses customized to your prescription. In addition to the same benefits non-prescription Julbo glasses offer, you will get vision correction lenses.

Julbo Nomad Prescription Sunglasses We are getting a lot of questions about the Rx lens material we use. With the designer brands like Ray Ban prescription sunglasses, D&G prescription sunglasses, Vogue prescription sunglasses, etc. we usually offer the whole spectrum of different lens materials to meet our customers’ lifestyle and prescription needs. However, we list sports and military prescription sunglasses and prescription goggles on-line with polycarbonate lens material only. Polycarbonate is ideal for extreme sports and outdoors activities that require an additional eye protection as it features outstanding impact resistance properties. We offer Julbo prescription glasses with polycarbonate lenses on-line. If you are not going to use your new prescription shades as a safety eyewear and would like to get …
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13 Mar

Wiley X is one of the most popular military eyewear brands and a lot of people who need vision correction are looking for Wiley X prescription sunglasses and Wiley X prescription goggles.

Wiley X Rx glasses are not only strongly demanded by military, they are also pretty popular with sportsmen and bikers. In addition to single vision Rx lenses and bifocals, no-line progressive lenses used to be available for Wiley X frames. But some patients used to have problems adjusting to the progressive lenses. We still make Wiley X progressive prescription sunglasses. But it is more case by case basis now. It mainly depends on the prescription. Wiley X makes great products and I would strongly recommend everyone to take a look at their great prescription sunglasses collection. However, there is another brand that is very popular for military and law enforcement called ESS. ESS prescription sunglasses are available with both lined and no-line bifocal lenses. So if no-line bifocal lenses is a must for you take a look at ESS prescription eyewear.…
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11 Mar

Ray Ban is one of the best-selling sunglasses brands in the world. Originally it was manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. B&L used to offer authentic Ray Ban prescription program. Luxottica Group bought Ray Ban brand about 10 years ago and stopped offering authentic prescription lenses for Ray Ban sunglasses. But you can still get your favorite Ray Ban frames fitted with prescription sunglasses lenses. A lot of stores offer Ray Ban prescription sunglasses and make the Rx lenses in their own labs. The difference is that the Rx lenses are not marked with Ray-Ban logos. Most of the stores, like OpticsPlanet, can match Ray-Ban famous tints. You can even get your Ray Ban prescription glasses with classic glass G-15 and B-15 lenses.…
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06 Mar

Wow! Today is the first warm day here in Chicago. It was snowing just a few days ago and today is 60 degrees and the sun is shinning. :-) Open Season, ladies and gentlemen. New trends, styles, collections, color patterns in fashion clothing and accessories. Sunglasses could be proudly named one of the key fashion accessories. New D&G sunglasses, Vogue sunglasses, DKNY sunglasses, Serengeti and Ray Ban sunglasses are already in the stores. A lot of frames this season are available with prescription lenses, so getting a new pair of prescription sunglasses shouldn’t be a problem.…
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