23 Feb

Eyeglasses that turn into Sunglasses

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Some people find prescription eyeglasses with transitional lenses very convenient. Transitional lenses adjust to the light conditions (that’s why they are also called lighted adjusting lenses). In other words, these prescription lenses darken under direct sunlight. LA lenses are available in all lens materials and different blank sizes, so your prescription should not be a problem.

If you would like to wear your frames as eyeglasses / sunglasses, you will have a choice of “clear to gray” or “clear to brown” transitional lenses. They will go completely clear inside and turn to gray of brown outside. Some sunglasses manufacturers also make tinted lenses that become darker when exposed to UV rays. Serengeti and Ray-Ban are two most popular photochromic sunglasses designers. Serengeti even offers their light adjusting lenses as a part of their prescription sunglasses program – Serengeti prescription sunglasses.

I also know some people who got sunglasses frames with the light adjusting lenses that go from clear to gray/brown. They liked the sunglass frames a lot and did not want to switch to an eyeglass frame. With the current wide choice of eyewear designers you can always find something that will work just right for you!

I will blog more about rx sunglasses with transitional lenses later!


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  1. I also have eyeglasses with transitional lenses. I like them overall, but the only inconvenience is that they do not work behind the windshield. I have to stick the prescription eyeglasses out of the window for a few seconds and than put them back on :-)

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