10 Feb

Sunglasses & Prescription Sunglasses – Do your eyes need sun protection?

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I decided to blog more about sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. Here are some frequently asked questions & answers to them.

How do you protect your eyes in the sun? – Sun can be damaged to our eyes as well as it can be damaged to our skin tissue. If you use different cosmetic products with SPF to protect your skin, why don’t you use a protection for your eyes? Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory or an eyegear that protects your eyes while playing sports or motorcycling, they also protect our eyes from harmful UV light. You can always choose a frame from the vast variety of sunglasses currently offered on the market that will be both fashionable and functional and suit your lifestyle.

Ray Ban Daddy O Prescription Sunglasses

What if you need vision correction? – If you wear contact lenses, you can just get a pair of regular sunglasses. If contact lenses is not your first choice, I recommend getting a pair of quality prescription sunglasses in addition to your eyeglasses. Rx sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays as well as regular non-Rx sunglasses. Some eyewear brands offer their prescription authentic programs. For example you can get a pair of Serengeti prescription sunglasses or Bolle prescription sunglasses that will be fitted with authentic Serengeti and Bolle prescription lenses. The Rx lenses will feature the same optics as your favorite non-Rx Bolle or Serengeti. Other brands, like Ray Ban, do not offer their authentic Rx program. Nevertheless, OpticsPlanet and EyewearPlanet can fit Ray Ban prescription sunglasses with high quality prescription lenses matching non-Rx Ray-Ban lenses and customizing them to customer’s prescription.


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