29 Jan

I broke my sunglasses/eyeglasses! Want to buy an identical ones!!!

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Sometimes it is not that easy to find the same pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, especially if you purchased them long time ago and they are already discontinued by the manufacturer. Working for many years in the eyewear industry, I came up with a few useful tips.

Problem: :-( I forgot where I purchased them!Solution: :-) As long as you know the brand and the style or the manufacturer’s SKU, finding an identical pair of sunwear or eyeglasses is not a problem. If you still have the broken glasses, take a look at the temples. Brand name and model number are usually printed on the backside of either right or left temple. If you are looking at eyeglasses frames, you might also find the lens size printed there. Knowing the brand you can easily google it and find the closest optical store that sells this brand or even better – an on-line store and have a new pair of new sunglasses / eyeglasses delivered to your porch. And we all know that on-line stores usually offer better deals. 😉

Problem: :-( Can not find the same specs. It looks like they are discontinued!Solution: :-) That’s not a rear case. Especially if you are looking for some designer sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses. Such manufacturers of designer eyewear as Ray Ban, Serengeti, D&G sunglasses and many others add new styles and discontinue old ones every few months. One of the reasons is that very often their optical collections reflect the same trends as their designer clothing lines. As the clothes fashion changes, so does the eyewear fashion. Some styles go away, some styles stay, some new models are introduced. The good news is that old styles come back in fashion. So if you can not find the eyewear looking by the same model number that was printed on your old frames, check out current eyewear collection from the same brand. Sometimes old styles are back to the collection as “re-innovated” models under a different part number. You might be lucky and your frame will be one of those!

I hope some of you will find my suggestions helpful!


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