13 Jan

Ski Eye Gear: Goggles, Sunglasses & Prescription Eyewear

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Ski season is here. Ready? Don’t forget to grab your snow gear and let’s rock it!

Ski GogglesSki Goggles will protect your eyes from wind and debris. In addition, the lenses will cut glare and haze coming from the shiny snow surface, and block harmful UV rays. I would recommend double lenses as they provide a thermal barrier that prevents the lenses from fogging.

Top three best-selling ski goggles:

Bolle Ski Goggles

Spy Ski Goggles

Julbo Ski Goggles

Julbo Explorer Ski Sunglasses/GogglesSki Sunglasses – For those who do not like mask-type-of-eyewear, eyewear manufactures introduced ski sunglasses. Some models come in a package with an elastic strap that can be attached to the sunglass temples. Wearing the sunglasses with a strap, you can be sure that the sunglasses will stay on your face and do not fall off while you enjoy skiing. I would also recommend you to get sunglasses with a foam seal or a gasket. It will provide you with comfort and an additional protection from the wind.

Top three best-selling ski sunglasses:

Bolle Traverse Ski Sunglasses

Bolle Winshear Ski Sunglasses

Julbo Explorer Ski Sunglasses

Ski Prescription Goggles – Prescription wearers can customize their goggles with prescription Rx adapters that fit inside the goggles behind the lenses. I personally own Bolle Prescription Goggles with their featured Rx adapter. It is very easy to snap in. I also did not have to order the expensive Rx lenses for the adapter. Cheapest CR-39 worked perfectly because I already had all the important features in the goggle lenses.Bolle Scream Goggles

Top three best-selling prescription ski goggles:

Bolle Ski Prescription Goggles

Wiley X Prescription Ski Goggles

Bobster Prescription Ski Goggles

Ski Prescription Sunglasses – You can save some money and buy a good pair of sunglasses that you can wear while skiing. When the snow season is over, you can use the same eyewear as a regular pair of prescription sunglasses. Choose plastic frame vs. metal, as plastic is more durable. Also make sure the prescription sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses and a foam gasket (if it is removable – even better).

Top three best-selling prescription ski goggles:

Bolle Traverse Prescription Ski Goggles

Spy Curtis Prescription Ski Sunglasses

Body Specs BSG Prescription Ski Sunglasses


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