02 Jan

Key Fashion Eyewear Trends for this Winter

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Here are a few key elements that are popular in eyewear fashion this winter:

Ray Ban Wayfarer 2143
Retro looking rectangular frames are back in style. – Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Square lenses are truly chic this season. – D&G 6024, DKNY 4007

Large geometric shapes are still popular – Vogue 3637

D&G 6024B

Eyewear accessorized with crystals and gems are now available in the latest fashion eyewear collections. – D&G DD8042B


3 Responses to Key Fashion Eyewear Trends for this Winter

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  2. These are some great shapes. A great place to find Discount Eyeglasses in these shapes would be to look online.

  3. Gracey Moore

    The over sized glasses thing has been here for a while and it is getting stale. I’m ready to return to the micro mini frames. The ones that barely cover your eye. Sure, they didn’t work as well as the frame that covers your whole face, but they were hot. Any idea when fashion is going to catch up with me?…and no coments about how the glass really needs to extend way beyond the eye. Since when did fashion become practical. I’m not fishing with these things. I just want to look good. Vanity.

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