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29 Jan

Sometimes it is not that easy to find the same pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, especially if you purchased them long time ago and they are already discontinued by the manufacturer. Working for many years in the eyewear industry, I came up with a few useful tips.

Problem: :-( I forgot where I purchased them!Solution: :-) As long as you know the brand and the style or the manufacturer’s SKU, finding an identical pair of sunwear or eyeglasses is not a problem. If you still have the broken glasses, take a look at the temples. Brand name and model number are usually printed on the backside of either right or left temple. If you are looking at eyeglasses frames, you might also find the lens size printed there. Knowing the brand you can easily google it and find the closest optical store that sells this brand or even better – an on-line store and have a new pair of new sunglasses / eyeglasses delivered to your porch. And we all know that on-line stores usually offer better deals. 😉

Problem: :-( Can not find the same specs. It looks like they are discontinued!Solution: :-) That’s not …
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13 Jan

Ski season is here. Ready? Don’t forget to grab your snow gear and let’s rock it!

Ski GogglesSki Goggles will protect your eyes from wind and debris. In addition, the lenses will cut glare and haze coming from the shiny snow surface, and block harmful UV rays. I would recommend double lenses as they provide a thermal barrier that prevents the lenses from fogging.

Top three best-selling ski goggles:

Bolle Ski Goggles

Spy Ski Goggles

Julbo Ski Goggles

Julbo Explorer Ski Sunglasses/GogglesSki Sunglasses – For those who do not like mask-type-of-eyewear, eyewear manufactures introduced ski sunglasses. Some models come in a package with an elastic strap that can be attached to the sunglass temples. Wearing the sunglasses with a strap, you can be sure that the sunglasses will stay on your face and do not fall off while you enjoy skiing. I would also recommend you to get sunglasses with a foam seal or a gasket. It will provide you with comfort and an additional protection from the wind.

Top three best-selling ski sunglasses:

Bolle Traverse Ski Sunglasses

Bolle Winshear Ski Sunglasses

Julbo Explorer Ski Sunglasses

Ski Prescription Goggles – Prescription wearers can customize their goggles with prescription …
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02 Jan

Here are a few key elements that are popular in eyewear fashion this winter:

Ray Ban Wayfarer 2143
Retro looking rectangular frames are back in style. – Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Square lenses are truly chic this season. – D&G 6024, DKNY 4007

Large geometric shapes are still popular – Vogue 3637

D&G 6024B

Eyewear accessorized with crystals and gems are now available in the latest fashion eyewear collections. – D&G DD8042B
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