15 Dec

Lightweight Sunglasses: Bolle Kickfilp

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Bolle Kickflip sunglasses are so lightweight – you won’t even fill them on your face! Bolle Kickflip sunglasses The frames are made of nylon that is extremely strong but lightweight and flexible at the same time. The Bolle polycarbonate lenses will protect you more than just from the sun. Polycarbonate is the most shatter-resistant lens material available in the industry. It’s 20 times more shatter resistant and lighter than glass, which makes this sunglasses perfect for any sports activity.

My favorite Kickflip model is Bolle 10550. It comes with modulator polarized gray lenses. Gray is a good all-purpose lens that works for any sports activity. Modulator stands for photochromic. Photochromic lenses adjust to different light conditions darkening under direct sunlight. Polarization helps to cut the annoying glare. And finally, gray color is neutral, so you can wear the same eyewear as a sun protection when you are jogging in the morning and as a fashion accessory when you going out on a sunny day.


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