12 Dec

Gift Hunt – Ready to get a gift for your beloved on this Christmas?

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Today I receieved an e-mail from a guy who was looking for red sunglasses for his wife to match the color of her Ferrari. :)

The customer wrote:

My wife has some Bolle sunglasses. She loves these sunglasses, but I want to get her some with red frames to match her red car (picture attached) for Christmas. Would you please suggest some sunglasses that are as similar to her existing glasses (in styling, fit, etc.), but with red frames?
Thanks in advance! :-)

And the guy attached a very nice picture of his wife next to her car. Good chioce I would say :) We found him a nice pair of sunglassesBolle Turbulence suns in red frame with grey silver mirrored lenses. Now his wife’s sun shades match her red Ferrari :)

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Happy Holidays! Good luck with the Gift Hunt!


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