10 Dec

Serengeti Coupe – Premium Polarized Sunglasses

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Everybody should have a good pair of polarized sunglasses for winter driving. Polarization filter helps to fight the glare coming from shiny surfaces: snow, wet road and ice.

Serengeti Coupe sunglasses feature Serengeti’s famous Drivers polarized lenses. Drivers (amber) lenses were designed to allow more red, green and yellow to pass through. They are ideal for driving as they enhance colors in traffic signals and road signs. Serengeti Coupe SunglassesIn addition Serengeti Drivers sunglasses lens come with AR (anti-reflective) coating that reduces the harsh glare from behind. Besides polarization, Serengeti Coupe‘s lenses feature photochromic properties that allow the lens to darken even more under direct sunlight.

Serengeti Coupe 6937 sunglasses will provide extreme rest and relaxation to your eyes!


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