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Aviator Sunglasses are flying high

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Serengeti Aviator SunglassesAviator style is one of the most popular sunglass designs. Only Wayfarers might compete with aviator sunglasses. Ray Ban introduced aviator style sunglasses in 1937 for the first time. Originally aviator sunglasses were made for US Air Force pilots. Classic aviator sun glasses are known for the frame and teardrop shaped oversized lenses. An example of classic aviator sunglasses can be Serengeti Aviator 5222 or Ray-Ban RB 3025.

Vogue Aviator Sunglasses VO 3621SB
Nowadays aviator sunglasses are in highly demand with everybody regardless of age, gender, race or occupation. Aviators are no longer just an eye gear for the pilots. They become a fashion accessory. All eyewear manufacturers carry at least one pair of aviator style sunglasses in their collections. A bunch of different designs of aviator glasses with smoother contours, numerous lens colors, frame materials and sizes have been created for the past 60 years. Now everyone can choose aviator shades that will fit his or her lifestyle. Most of the models are available with Rx prescription lenses. The frames are big enough to be fitted with not only single vision but multifocal lenses as well. Check out Ray-Ban Aviator prescription sunglasses and Serengeti Aviator prescription sunglasses.

There is an aviator sunglass model to satisfy every taste. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Are you ready to pick the one that fits you?


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  1. I love Ray-Ban sunglasses. This is my third pair.

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