01 Dec

Bolle Snakes Collection – Yep! They named it right!

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Bolle Spiral Bolle presented a new Snakes sunglasses collection back in 2006. For the past two years these sunglases have been heading all the records in Bolle sales. Every model features a name after a snake species or anything related to these reptiles. You can find Bolle Anaconda, Bolle Spiral, Bolle Boa, Bolle Recoil, Bolle Rattler, Bolle Venom, Bolle Serpent among Bolle Snakes sunglasses.

Bolle Anaconda
Why were these sun shades called Snakes? It’s easy! The reason is that the frames are highly wrapped around (most of them come in 8 base curve) and are designed to hold tight and fit closely around a face. Bolle frames are completed with high-performance lightweight polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are available in different tints with and without a polarization filter.

Most of the frames are available with Rx lenses. You can get your favorite Bolle sunglasses frame with perfectly matched authentic Bolle prescription lenses customized to your Rx. Check out the latest on-line catalog of Bolle prescription sunglasses.


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