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26 Dec

Most flexible spending accounts cover either eyeglasses frames, or prescription lenses, or prescription sunglasses. Some of them cover both frames and Rx lenses. If you have any flex money left on your account, make sure to spend them by December 31st. Usually excess flex money do not roll over to the next calendar year. Use the remaining money in your flex account today to buy a new pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses. And than simply submit the invoice for your purchase to your FSA for reimbursement.

OpticsPlanet offers an exclusive collection of rx sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses by top eyewear brands. You can easily place an order on-line for single vision and multifocal prescription eyewear. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed invoice that you can submit with your plan administrator later on.…
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24 Dec

Santa wearing SunglassesI would like to wish everybody Happy Holidays! May all your wishes come true :-)

:-) :) :-) Santa is wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer if somebody is interested 😉…
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17 Dec

Still looking for holiday gifts? Do not worry! OpticsPlanet solves this problem for you :-). It might be even better that you did not purchase a gift earlier, a week before Christmas is the time when you get best deals on everything! We have a great collection of eyewear (and not only eyewear ;-)) products in our physical US Illinois-based stock, that are ready to be shipped right away! Just browse our web site for the best sunglasses always in stock. The selection is too wide, don’t know what to choose? No worries! We have prepared unique gift guides that will help you to choose the right thing for the right person :-) .

Here are some great eyewear gift ideas:

Spy Bias GogglesGifts for Skiers – Ski goggles is a perfect gift for ski enthusiasts. Spy Optic Bias Goggles is a great gift for women and Bolle Shark is a nice present for men. Bolle and Spy Optic make high quality ski goggles that feature no fog lenses and perfect fit.

Gifts for Fishermen – polarized sunglasses are recommended for any activity around water. Bolle Beta 10322 is premium polarized sunwear. Polarization filter fights the glare coming from any shiny surface …
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15 Dec

Bolle Kickflip sunglasses are so lightweight – you won’t even fill them on your face! Bolle Kickflip sunglasses The frames are made of nylon that is extremely strong but lightweight and flexible at the same time. The Bolle polycarbonate lenses will protect you more than just from the sun. Polycarbonate is the most shatter-resistant lens material available in the industry. It’s 20 times more shatter resistant and lighter than glass, which makes this sunglasses perfect for any sports activity.

My favorite Kickflip model is Bolle 10550. It comes with modulator polarized gray lenses. Gray is a good all-purpose lens that works for any sports activity. Modulator stands for photochromic. Photochromic lenses adjust to different light conditions darkening under direct sunlight. Polarization helps to cut the annoying glare. And finally, gray color is neutral, so you can wear the same eyewear as a sun protection when you are jogging in the morning and as a fashion accessory when you going out on a sunny day.…
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12 Dec

Today I receieved an e-mail from a guy who was looking for red sunglasses for his wife to match the color of her Ferrari. :)

The customer wrote:

My wife has some Bolle sunglasses. She loves these sunglasses, but I want to get her some with red frames to match her red car (picture attached) for Christmas. Would you please suggest some sunglasses that are as similar to her existing glasses (in styling, fit, etc.), but with red frames?
Thanks in advance! :-)

And the guy attached a very nice picture of his wife next to her car. Good chioce I would say :) We found him a nice pair of sunglassesBolle Turbulence suns in red frame with grey silver mirrored lenses. Now his wife’s sun shades match her red Ferrari :)

Sunglasses is a good gift indeed. OpticsPlanet carries a unique collection of eyewear from top brands. You can choose among classic and designer sunglasses, casual and sports sunglasses. You also have time to spend your flexi money on a good pair of prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses! Take a look at our featured “always in stock ready to be shipped today” best sunglasses!

Happy Holidays! …
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10 Dec

Everybody should have a good pair of polarized sunglasses for winter driving. Polarization filter helps to fight the glare coming from shiny surfaces: snow, wet road and ice.

Serengeti Coupe sunglasses feature Serengeti’s famous Drivers polarized lenses. Drivers (amber) lenses were designed to allow more red, green and yellow to pass through. They are ideal for driving as they enhance colors in traffic signals and road signs. Serengeti Coupe SunglassesIn addition Serengeti Drivers sunglasses lens come with AR (anti-reflective) coating that reduces the harsh glare from behind. Besides polarization, Serengeti Coupe‘s lenses feature photochromic properties that allow the lens to darken even more under direct sunlight.

Serengeti Coupe 6937 sunglasses will provide extreme rest and relaxation to your eyes!…
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08 Dec

Lightweight and sleek Serengeti Summit sunglasses are ideal for those with active lifstyle. Serengeti is known for it’s classic look and perfect optical quality. This model is designed with the same premium Serengeti technology you expect from casual Serengeti eyewear. Summit sunglasses are highly wrapped around providing better protection from the light coming from the sides.

Serengeti Summit Sunglasses with Drivers Lenses
Summit glasses are available with black frames. You can choose between two lenses: Drivers (amber lens – part number Serengeti 5602) and Sedona (pink lens – part number Serengeti 5603). Serengeti Summit Sunglasses with Sedona Lenses Serengeti Drivers is a good multi-purpose lens for everyday use. It is recommended for such activities as tennis, golf, jogging, fishing and of course driving! Serengeti Sedona lens is ideal for low light conditions and is suggested for skiing and cycling. Serengeti Summit sunglasses will give you all the protection and durability you need, with the classic Serengeti look you want!…
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05 Dec

Serengeti Aviator SunglassesAviator style is one of the most popular sunglass designs. Only Wayfarers might compete with aviator sunglasses. Ray Ban introduced aviator style sunglasses in 1937 for the first time. Originally aviator sunglasses were made for US Air Force pilots. Classic aviator sun glasses are known for the frame and teardrop shaped oversized lenses. An example of classic aviator sunglasses can be Serengeti Aviator 5222 or Ray-Ban RB 3025.

Vogue Aviator Sunglasses VO 3621SB
Nowadays aviator sunglasses are in highly demand with everybody regardless of age, gender, race or occupation. Aviators are no longer just an eye gear for the pilots. They become a fashion accessory. All eyewear manufacturers carry at least one pair of aviator style sunglasses in their collections. A bunch of different designs of aviator glasses with smoother contours, numerous lens colors, frame materials and sizes have been created for the past 60 years. Now everyone can choose aviator shades that will fit his or her lifestyle. Most of the models are available with Rx prescription lenses. The frames are big enough to be fitted with not only single vision but multifocal lenses as well. Check out Ray-Ban Aviator prescription sunglasses and Serengeti Aviator prescription sunglasses.

There is an aviator
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01 Dec

Bolle Spiral Bolle presented a new Snakes sunglasses collection back in 2006. For the past two years these sunglases have been heading all the records in Bolle sales. Every model features a name after a snake species or anything related to these reptiles. You can find Bolle Anaconda, Bolle Spiral, Bolle Boa, Bolle Recoil, Bolle Rattler, Bolle Venom, Bolle Serpent among Bolle Snakes sunglasses.

Bolle Anaconda
Why were these sun shades called Snakes? It’s easy! The reason is that the frames are highly wrapped around (most of them come in 8 base curve) and are designed to hold tight and fit closely around a face. Bolle frames are completed with high-performance lightweight polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are available in different tints with and without a polarization filter.

Most of the frames are available with Rx lenses. You can get your favorite Bolle sunglasses frame with perfectly matched authentic Bolle prescription lenses customized to your Rx. Check out the latest on-line catalog of Bolle prescription sunglasses.…
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