21 Nov

Serengeti Zina sunglasses

Posted by Liz on

Serengeti has launched a few new women’s sunglasses styles. Serengeti Zina is one of them. If you are looking for fashionable sunwear at a reasonable price, Serengeti Zina sunglasses should be your choice. The frame combines bold classic and glamorous modern designs. The lenses are made from photochromic glass that will darken when you are outside. Besides perfect optical clarity they feature anti-reflective coating that will eliminate annoying reflections. You can choose among 3 variations.

Serengeti Zina 7009Serengeti 7009 features Charcoal frame and glass Green 555nm lenses

Serengeti Zina 7000Serengeti 7000 comes in Honey frame with glass Drivers Gradient lenses

Serengeti Zina 6961Serengeti 6961 is available in Tortoise frame with glass Drivers lenses


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