03 Nov

Bolle Meltdown Unisex Sunglasses

Posted by Liz on

My friend bought some absolutely beautiful sunglasses the other day. The funny thing is that her husband tried them on and liked them so much that bought exact same model but in a different lens color! So now she is wearing the Meltdown 3920273116 model with Cobalt lenses and he is rocking in the Meltdown 10726 model.
Bolle MeltdownI have the same pair of Bolle Meltdown glasses (mine are actually fitted with prescription lenses). The specs look really nice. Rimless frames are light weight. You do not even fill that you are wearing anything. In addition the lenses are polycarbonate. And poly lenses are less heavy than glass. Bolle 3920273116 that Nelly (my friend) got comes with Polarized Cobaltz. These are steel gray lenses with a flash blue mirror. They look very chic. In addition they come with a polarization filter that eliminates all irritating glare from wet road, streetlights, etc. Her husband got TLB dark brown lenses. Same model looks totally different depending on the lenses: hers – charming and sophisticated, his – modern and classic. Go figure!


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