24 Aug

Best Tennis Sunglasses – Bolle Parole 0754201500

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Bolle Parole Competivision SunglassesI would like to blog about tennis sunglasses. Tennis is one of the sports that requires a good pair of eyewear to protect your eyes from the harmful UV light and annoying glare. On a sunny day sunglasses is a must when playing tennis outside. There are lenses that are made specifically for tennis players. One of them is Bolle Competivision Tennis lens. This is a high contrast teal tinted lens that mutes all colors except for yellow. It makes a tennis ball stand out. One of the best Bolle frames that feature Competivision lens is Bolle Parole model. Bolle 0754201500 model comes with two sets of lenses: Tennis Competivision and TNS Gun lenses. TNS Gun lens is a grey tinted lens with a flash mirror coating. That’s a good all-purpose lens for every day use. If you need corrective lenses, Bolle offers Parole adapter that can be fitted with Rx lenses customized to your prescription.

You can buy just one pair of sunglasses – Parole 0754201500, and wear it all day long whether you are driving a car or playing tennis.


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