16 Jun

Wiley X Wows With 2008 Women’s Street Series

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Wiley X is one of our best-selling brands of sunglasses and goggles, and a reason for their popularity is innovative features that no one else offers. For many people with active lifestyles and for those need reliable protection for their profession, Wiley X is often the only brand that meets their needs.

The recently introduced 2008 collection from Wiley X shows that the label is at the top of its game when it comes to innovation.

A welcome addition is the new Women’s Street Series. Four stylish, edgy models with the unmatched craftsmanship Wiley is known for. The look is medium to large and offers a practical balance of fashion and protective coverage. Wide temples and a close-fitting wrap add to the safety of these stunning sunnies.

On the town, on your skis or on your Harley, the Wiley X Women’s Street Series is designed for every lifestyle. Capture your personality in the Lacy, Stomp, Ashley or Dalila from Wiley X!


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