Monthly Archives: May 2008

16 May

I was Googling for glasses the other day and stumbled on a number of web sites that offer eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses for around $39.95. I thought, heck, even I can afford a low-risk gamble like that. I checked them out and the selection of styles, including some classics that my trendy local eyewear chain wouldn’t be caught dead carrying, made me excited. At that price, I could be really irresponsible and order a cutting-edge fashion frame and a pair just for reading.

I showed the web sites to a co-worker and she said I should find out what their return policy is. I thought this was a good suggestion because, along with not wanting to toss my money into the virtual unknown of the internet, I am concerned about who gets my personal information and credit card number.

Alas, my research on the companies cooled my burning desire to be cheap chic. Basic information, such as return policy, phone number or e-mail address, was sometimes missing and this did not give me a warm-fuzzy. I was not sold by the companies with unclear pictures or little information about the frames. Some stores looked like fronts for drop-ship operations that …
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