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12 Dec

I am currently wearing my first pair of glasses with multi-focal lenses. It’s taken me a while but I’ve come to like them.

Just around the time I bought these, some friends were talking about how they were adjusting to their new progressives and they complained about dizziness and headaches. Fortunately, that was not my experience. The thing that made me want to rip them off my face was that the near vision lens seemed to be positioned too high and was blurring my distance vision. I noticed it especially when I was driving and needed to see distant most of the time.

It made me feel like I wasted my money but I knew going into this that there might be a few false starts.

From the beginning, I was wary of how well multi-focal would work in small sized lenses, but the sales person assured me there was no problem. I originally wanted glasses with larger lenses but they’re hard to find, especially for men.

I am considering taking the glasses back to the store to see if the nose pads can be spread out so they sit lower on my face.

I’ve had these for a couple …
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01 Dec

This season’s Ski Goggles and Snowboard Goggles from Bolle and Spy Optic offer professional-level performance in optics and frame ventilation. An advancement that I appreciate is how well the new Ski Goggles fit and how comfortable they are. However, there are days when goggles are more than necessary and a good pair of Sunglasses will do the job.

A durable plastic frame and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses are the best choices for safe Sunglasses for sports. The plastics come in a variety of colors so you should be able to find something to go with your outfit.

Choosing lens color can be tricky.

Pink and yellow lens are recommended for overcast days because the colors provide a brighter view and enhanced contrast to bring out the contours of the slope. However, for bright days you need a darker lens. You should also consider light conditions changing throughout the day and changes as you go in and out of the ski house.

Related to lens color is polarization. Polarized Lens are great for minimizing glare off flat surfaces like snow. However, polarized lens naturally have a darkening effect so they might not be right in overcast or after early evening.

To block …
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