15 Nov

Ski Alert! OpticsPlanet Goes Ga-Ga Over Goggles!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like ski season. Yesss!

A customer said she was buying ski goggles as a Christmas present for her husband to replace a pair he’s had since 8th grade. She said the old pair, literally, disintegrated.

If you can trace your goggles back to when Jean-Claude Killy swept the slalom, giant slalom and downhill in the 1968 Olympics, it’s probably a good time to treat yourself to a new pair.

OpticsPlanet is ready get you seeing and looking great on the slopes with trail-blazing deals on this season’s best Ski and Snowboard Goggles from Bolle Ski Goggles and Spy Optic Goggles.

Both brands offer similar features in lens technology which include anti-fogging, scratch-resistance and 100% UV protection. Each brand makes available a comprehensive range of replacement lenses in colors that cover all light conditions.

Both brands excel in frame designs with advanced ventilation features.

Spy Optic has a lot of experience making goggles for motorcycle racing and Spy Optic Goggles use an advanced foam that controls moisture against your face. However, Bolle Ski Goggles also use the latest foam and it feels like you’re not wearing goggles at all.

Both brands offer small-sized goggles designed especially for children and adults with smaller faces. See the Bolle Boost Kids Goggles and the Spy Optic Comet that are smaller in size and big on features!

Women should see the Spy Optic Bias for a goggle designed especially to fit them.

Bolle has the lead in ski goggles for people who wear prescription glasses. There are two excellent choices for Rx wearers: over-the glasses (OTG) and the Bolle Goggle Rx Adapter.

The OTG provide ample room in the frame to comfortably wear glasses without making the goggles bulky. See the Bolle X9 and Boost Goggle for great OTGs.

The Bolle Prescription Adapter For Goggles is available for a number of the Bolle Ski Goggles models. It snaps easily and securely on the inside and is large enough to provide a wide peripheral view. See the Bolle Goggle Rx Adapter Installation Guide. Our Rx lens are prepared by an authorized Bolle lab to Bolle specifications. A Blank Bolle Rx Goggle Adapter is also available for your own optician to prepare your lens.

Along with improved technology, the new goggles are much more stylish than the ones we wore when our boots had laces. When I “apres ski”, people see my colorful band and designer logo and just assume I know how to ski, and then they ask for my autograph.


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