11 Oct

Three Bears Approach To Glasses Size

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At OpticsPlanet, a big part of our work is helping customers get the right size glasses. Of course, size is important when it comes to how the glasses look on you and how comfortable they are. Most glasses are not available in a wide range of sizes, but the limited range fits most people very well. In this blog, I will suggest some of glasses using a small, medium and large size guide.

Serengeti offers their superb lens technology in small, medium and large sizes with different frame and lens colors in their Serengeti Aviator standard sunglasses. The different sizes of the Aviator are also available with prescription lens at Serengeti Small Aviator Prescription Sun Glasses, Serengeti Rx Prescription Medium Aviator and Serengeti Large Aviator Rx Sunglasses. The Aviator with progressive bifocal lenses is only available in small and medium sizes at Serengeti Small Aviator Progressive Rx Sun Glasses and Serengeti Rx Progressive Medium Aviator.

American Optical offers their AO Original Pilot standard sun glasses in a variety of colors with different temple options in 52mm, 55mm and 57mm sizes that correspond to small medium and large.

Adults who need to fit a smaller face should consider glasses that are sized to fit children. The AO Original Pilot 45mm Sunglasses are suggested for adults with smaller faces as well as for children. The Ray-Ban Juniors from Ray Ban are an excellent choice for those with smaller faces who want to wear classic Raybans!

Here in the Eyewear Group at OpticsPlanet, we have special expertise in glasses for larger faces. One of our Product Specialists, Pam, has been trying to find glasses for her husband, Rich, who has a larger face. His is a larger face and not just a large-average.

According to Pam, people with larger faces must make sure their glasses are big enough for proper appearance. The rule-of-thumb is that glasses should be as wide as your face. Rich has had glasses that were too narrow for his face and they left marks where the temples rubbed his skin. Pushing your glasses up on top of your head will widen a frame but doing this too much can overly stretch them. Glasses with spring hinges such as Serengeti’s S-Flex offer a little more give for the larger-average faces.

The only glasses that fit Rich well are the Spiral from Bolle. The SG-1 from Wiley-X was close but not comfortable. The Coopers from Spy Optics weren’t big enough and neither were any of the Serengetis.

Even with the best information, it can be hard to be sure you are getting the right size. If you order online, check that the dealer has a Return Policy.


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