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24 Sep

Knowing your glasses size is especially important when you buy glasses online. If you haven’t had a chance to try on the frames in a store, you want to make sure the glasses will fit for comfort and looks.

When I try on glasses in the store, I always look at the measurement information that is printed on the inside of one of the temples or on the bridge. You don’t have to try on too many glasses before you begin to know your size.

The size information is a set of three numbers that are measurements in millimeters. For example, I recently bought frames that are size 54-19-140. The first number (54) is the horizontal width of one lens. The second number (19) is the distance between lenses, and the third number (140) is the length of one of the temples. I am a larger person and this is the bigger size in this style. The smaller frame is 52-17-140.

At OpticsPlanet, we provide this size information on each page that describes our Sunglasses, Prescription Sunglasses and Eyeglasses.

The first thing I consider when choosing the right size is to make sure the glasses are at …
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06 Sep

An important decision when buying sunglasses is choosing the right lens color. There is a lot of information out there about this but it’s worth going over the guidelines. Choosing the right lens color is especially important when your application is sports.

For general purpose, gray is the most popular. Gray lenses do not change the color of what you see, and gray is light enough to use in low light and dark enough to protect against UV and IR radiation. Green colored lenses work like gray and are a good general purpose. Ray-Ban is famous for dark and green tinted lenses.

Brown hues improve both contrast and depth perception and range in shades from dark to amber to yellow. Serengeti uses amber for its drivers lenses. Amber is also good for golfing glasses because it brings out the contours of the green. Our Guide To Golf Sunglasses has more information and links to sun glasses we recommend.

The brightness of yellow colored lenses makes them excellent for low light or overcast conditions. Yellow provides excellent depth perception and is used for sports such as cycling, skiing and shooting. Rose colored glasses work like yellow by adding brightness and enhancing …
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